SBS Customer Support system serves businesses in achieving their goal of
  • Exemplary after sales support to customer
  • Impeccable customer experience
  • Improving customer support interactions

This enhanced customer support can be easily provided if the customer support agents are empowered with customer support automation tools like the SBS Customer Support system.

For ensuring an exemplary customer support and impeccable customer experience


Agents need to have a complete 360 degree view of the customer.


Transparency and complete clarity about customer’s historical interaction


Access to view previous customer tickets and their resolutions through an updated knowledge base of the system


Ticket’s generated would need to be automatically routed to the right agent as they come.

How it Works?

Acknowledge the registration of complain
Bring transparency in updating the status of the complain
Obtain Management Approval
Notify the decided resolution
Inform about the delivery of the good or services
Notify about the ticket closure

SBS Customer Support System Features

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