SBS Sales Order system is a customer accessible CRM solution
that provides enterprise customers access to generate sales enquiries, receive quotes, place sales orders, get advance shipment details and the sales invoices.

SBS Order Management solution provides login access to customers, distributors and dealers to place sales orders

The system provides for product cataluge display, Sales Order acceptance, Order Scheduling, Dispatch detail notification and Invoicing. An effective enterprise customer accessible sales order management sysem brings improved customer confidence on the organization

SBS Order Management system with customer accessible dashboard brings transperancy in the sales process thereby helping build a strong relationship with customers

Expect a lot from our SBS sales Solution

Allow customers to view catalogues, prices

Place purchase orders, anytime and from anywhere

Eliminate manual order entry process

Save time and improve cost-efficiency

Acknowledge orders received easily

Manage invoicing effortlessly

Send dispatch schedule notification

Get a comprehensive view of sales order situation

How it Works?