SBS Procurement brings Transperancy, Speed, Automation and Efficiency. And more.
SBS Procurement platform helps in building effective communication between Buyer and Supplier organizations to improve timely decision making in the enterprise. SBS Procurement integrates Buyer - Supplier business processes into a single solution sharing important business data across the Vendor eco system.

  • Supplier Data Bank Generation
  • Invite link for Vendor registration
  • Provision to update statutary documents
Process Automation

  • Send Purchase Enquiries
  • Get Vendor quotes on the platform
  • Purchase Order released to Vendors
  • Spend Control
  • Advance Dispatch Notifications
  • Notify GRN details to Vendor
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Payment Advice
Communication Notification

  • Send Purchase enquiry Notification
  • Get Notified on Supplier Quotation
  • Send Purchase Order Notification
  • Send Reminders to Suppliers to ensure timely delivery of goods
  • Change get Alerts when goods have been delivered Get Notified on Advance Dispatch Details
  • Release notification to suppliers on receipt of goods

Why Procurement Solution is important for your business

SBS Procurement and Vendor Management Solution helps in digitizing the manual process between the Procurement officers and Vendors. It act's as a tool for the effective management of the Vendor for timely delivery of goods and services to mitigate disruption of supply chain. The SBS Procurement and Vendor Management platform brings transperancy and clarity in the procurement process helping build a strong relationship between the Vendors and the organization, therby deriving better negotiated rates.

Efficiency Improvement
Spend Control
Lasting Relationship

How it Works?