Frequently asked questions

How can my firm avail your software solutions?

All our applications like eProcurement, eSales and eWarehouse are available on a subscription-based model. Customers can purchase either selected products or the complete Supply Chain package.

What does SBS eProcurement offer?

SBS eProcurement software fundamentally automates or digitises the manual processes between the Purchase department and all their Vendors. The application provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities that allow purchase officers to manage procurement-related tasks digitally.

What is eSales?

eSales is an Order Management solution that provide businesses to offer a software platform to their customers to directly place orders on the business. It offers customers a complete integrated end-to-end sales order processes. The portal provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities and allows sales operations managers and customers to perform sales tasks digitally.

What is eWarehouse?

eWarehouse is an inventory Management solution that helps businesses, in getting their Inventory integrated with their Order Management and Purchase Management. It offers a platform for Multiple Warehouses across geographical locations to be integrated with the Order management and Procurement management of the business.

Can all KVN Software solutions integrate with third party tools and apps?

Yes we can integrate with Third Party Tools and Apps. SBS platform has tools and utilities to export data in common formats easily importable in to other third party solutions. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Are KVN Software solutions customizable?

KVN Software works with clients to provide solutions that solve their specific challenges.

Is there a free trial period for the solutions?

Yes we offer a 15 day free trial of our solutions

What happens when the free trial ends?

If you wish to continue the service you may place orders for the same, alternatively the service would get discontinued

What is included in the free trial?

Use of all standard processes would be available for use. No workflow configuration and process customization would be possible in the Trial period

Does the free trial limit access to features?

Yes all standard features would be available for use

What is the process for purchasing?

The Sales Order form would need to be filled with all the requisite details. Our team shall help in setting up the system for you. Once the system is ready would you need to make payment as per the selected plans.

How long are the subscriptions/contracts?

The minimum subscription is for 6 months.The Subscription or contract is valid till the advance payment is made

Are there discounts available?

We shall come out with promotion schemes during which discounts shall be offered as part of our business plans